wild boar hunter

Wild Boar Hunter

Wild Boar Hunting – A Wild Game

Wild Boar Hunting is an excellent online game. You will find this game in the My Hunting Games collection. This game is quite exciting as you have to shoot the wild boars that will attack from both sides. Your duty is to shoot and the kill these animals with the help of your double barreled shotgun. Hunting game lovers will definitely like to shoot down these wild animals that will run in a horizontal way through the screen. Killing every wild boar will provide you with 100 points. The screen also shows the number of boars you have missed. If you miss a certain number of wild boars then the game will be over. You will surely enjoy the blood that spills out of the animals when they are killed.


  1. Here you can avail the facility of fully guided or
    partially guided hunts for both native and exotic species.

    I hunted in Connecticut, still all the old timers swore by Arkansas hound dogs.
    These must all be considered when purchasing a potential duck hunting property.

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