The Huntsman

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The Huntsman – test of your hunting skills  Here is a hunting game aptly designed for real hunters. You want to test your hunting abilities, your sharpness and how quick you are in making your move. A deer has never been this swift and birds would fly in a blink of an eye. Check out if you can be faster than them or they surpass you in their movements.

Hold your breath. This is not all. The biggest surprise is you have the clock ticking the moment you enter the game. So now you not only have to be quick, fast and focused you also have a time limitation. Hunt as many deer and bird as you can before your clock stops. If you miss any shoot your point gets deducted and you have no option to reload.

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  • It’s a very simple hunting game. You have your mouse to use as your rifle to shoot. The screen opens with your rifle ready to shoot the running bucks or flying birds. They are unusually fast, so be prepared the moment you enter the game. Just a left click on your mouse button enables you to shoot your target.
  • The trick is to gun down as many deer and birds possible. You have to be as quick as a hare or may be even more. Your senses and sight should not get distracted or else you will end up miss firing. This will deduct your points.
  • Most important, remember the clock. You have only 60 seconds to score.
  • Are you ready to shoot? Your time starts now. So hunters get going and hunt as many as you can.



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    i like it

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    its ok

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