The Hunter

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The Hunter – Ultimate Game for Hunting Enthusiasts

Like to play games based on a well based story? Here is one for you. The Hunter is that online computer hunting game that would serve as the ending point of your search. Like Beast Hunter, this hunting game is based on a story. The only difference is that unlike Beast Hunter the background is based on a city. The story goes like this: the Fission City has been overcrowded with angry parrots. The parrots have taken control of the entire city. This is affecting the life of all citizens and they require themselves to free from this infestation. The player’s job is to do away with these parrots.

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Now playing the game is very easy. The player needs to bring out every parrot on screen. The shotgun would help to do that. Blasting each parrot will yield five dollars. Interaction with environment is possible with a shot at lamp post or protected species. However, breaking anything would implement a fine on the hunter. A person being shot would end up the hunter being killed. So it is extremely necessary to be cautious. In case if you are imprisoned you can bail yourself with the cash earned throughout the game. This would allow you to continue with the game. Completion of each stage would require a minimum of money that exceeds fifty dollars. The intensity of the parrots flying and their speed would increase with every step. To start with the player would be provided with two hundred dollars and twenty bullets. As the amount provided is limited the player should ensure that they are used wisely.



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