stihl log chop

Stihl Log Chop

Stihl Log Chop; a simple game of endurance

The game of Stihl Log Chop is probably the most funny, easy and refreshing games. The player need not be strategically intelligent to play this game or score well. All he needs to be is swift in his moves. The swifter he is the better he scores. The simple aim of this game is to chop logs using an axe. The player is given an axe and he needs to chop the maximum number of logs that pops up in the screen. There isn’t any way to chop the log to give shape or structure. A log is chopped at one blow of the axe. The game is just a sort of time pass game. There is multiple layers attributed to the game. These multiple layers check the swiftness of the player. The number of logs that will pop up in this Stihl Log Chop game will increase with increasing level. This game in a way will check the accuracy and patience of the player. Practice only can help the player make the best and swift moves. It is no mind’s game that the player will tire out his perseverance. It can be a refreshing thing to do at free time.


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