shark hunting

Shark Hunting

Shark Hunting – Ultimate Hunting Experience

Shark hunting is one of the renowned games amongst other hunting games. The background is set such that hungry sharks come to the sea shore in search of food. Swimmers serve as their major food supply. The player would have to save the swimmers by shooting the sharks. The more the sharks are shot at a time, the more would be the points. They have to be shot as soon as they appear on the screen. If the player fails to shoot enough sharks, the swimmers and the beach goers would be engorged by them. The harpoon gun has to be controlled by the mouse. The crosshair has to be placed on the shark to be speared. To shoot the gun one would have to click the left button of the mouse. Maintenance of accuracy is necessary for killing the sharks as they swim too fast. For best results the sharks are to be killed before the exhaustion of oxygen.


    1. I am actually new to the exnrpieece of and had my first dive only a few months ago while i was away on holiday. The exnrpieece was fantastic and i think it is an unrivaled feeling, a little difficult to explain unless you have done it before. The good news is my 10 year old daughter now wants to try out diving and is having her first lesson next week. So at least i will have someone to talk to about it.

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