rabbit hunting

Rabbit Hunting

Enjoy Rabbit Hunting

Online hunting games are great way to hone your hunting skills.  Furthermore these games are easily accessible and can be played online anywhere and anytime. These are perfect mind relaxing items that would not only soothe your mind and nerves but also entertain you to the fullest.  Rabbit hunting is one such hunting game which includes a couple of rabbits destroying the farmers’ hard earned harvest. They are too many in number and it is the farmer’s task to hunt them in order to protect his plantation. The rabbits are in a mission to wipe out the entire plantation. The farmers need the players to help them with the rabbit control. What is to be done is to aim a six shooter to the hopping rabbits as they appear into the screen. They are quick in their movement. Once done with the job of focusing, try and shoot in the direction likely to be followed by the rabbit. Missing bullets would be a loss. Enough rabbits are to be shot to score points and reach the next level.


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