outdoor shootout

Outdoors Shootout

Shoot many kinds of animals with the outdoor shootout game

Outdoor shootout game is one of the most fun shooting games around. An outdoor shooting game is probably the mix of all hunting games as there isn’t any particular object to hunt. The player is in a forest where he is surrounded by a number of animals. These animals are not big animals like deer or fawn but are small creatures like squirrel, rabbits, possum crows, rats etc. They can appear any time and the aim of the player is to shoot them at the earliest. Larger number of successful shoots will top up the screen board of the player. The player also needs to load the gun at intervals as the bullets will run out after continuous shots. The number of times the player can reload his rifle is limited. To aim the target properly the player should keep an eye on the wind flag located on the upper left side of the game screen. The hunting field is windy and thus wind can affect the shot trajectory.


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