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Today’s Game – Paintball Scramble

Paintball Scramble is just like the real thing. Navigate your way through the woods and shoot your opponents with your high powered paintball gun before they hit you. Pick up extra points and additional paint along the way as you attempt to capture your flag and move on to the next level. Don’t get hit too many times, or you are out of the game.

play paintball scramble


Hunters World
Hunters World
If you enjoy hunting bear and deer, try Hunters World and see if you can take down all of the big game.
Deer Hunting
Our most popular hunting game simulation. Multiple hunting environments and weapons.  Can you bag a big buck?
Turkey Hunting
Track and kill large toms in this virtual turkey hunt. Realistic game play with various weather conditions & equipment to use.
outdoors shootout
Bear Hunting
Use your hunting skills to track & hunt brown and black bear. Patience is a virtue in this game with multiple hunt locations.
Outdoors Shootout
Shoot targets as quickly as possible, such as turkey rabbit, crows & squirrels.
Pheasant Hunting
Shoot as many pheasants as you can and score points to move on to the next round.
Supreme Deer Hunting
You hunt deer all season long bagging as many trophy whitetails as you can. If you get the rocket launcher you can do some real damage.
Chicken Hunting
Shoot as many chicken as you can and don’t forget to reload. Very similar to our skeet shooting skills test games.
Bow Hunter
Use your compound bow to shoot down deer targets and gain points. Make Ted Nugent Proud.
Big Bird Hunting
Use your crossbow to shoot birds out of thesky and get points.
Bird Hunting
Shoot as many birds before the time runs out. Reload in the lower right.
Skeet Shoot
This game will put your shotgun skills to the test as you try to hit all of the sporting clays that you can.
Wild Boar Hunter
Gain points by hunting & killing wild boar. Don’t let them get away!
Duck Hunt
Play the classic Nintendo shooting game.
Duck Shooter
Hit as many ducks as you can to move on to the next season.
balloon hunter
deer hunt
desert hunting
Balloon Hunter
Use your archery skills to shoot balloons and accumulate points..
Deer Hunt
These deer move fast, so you’ll need to have some hunting skills to shoot these guys.
Desert Hunting
Shoot vultures, coyotes and other desert animals.
Animal Hunter
hunting deer
Beast Hunter
Animal Hunter
Use your bow to shoot animals as you walk through the forest.
Hunting Deer
The deer are everywhere. You need to shoot as many as you can to move on to the next levels.
Beast Hunter
Hunt & kill beasts of all description, some ranging from rats to ogres.
Play The Hunter
Eye of the Falcon Hunter
Warrior Cat Hunting
The Hunter
It’s your job to rid the city of unwanted parrots. You’ll earn money and power for each bird you kill.
Falcon Hunter
Use your quick aiming and shooting skills to take down as many falcons as you can and move to the higher levels
Warrior Cat hunting
Navigate your warrior cat as you hunt in the various clan areas.  Catch as many prey as you can before time runs out.
buffalo hunter
shark hunting
interactive archery
buffalo hunter
The buffalo have started a stampede and you need to take them out before they attack you and your family.
shark hunting
Use your harpoon gun to kill as many sharks as you can before they start a feeding frenzy.
interactive archery
Hone your archery skills on this realistic archery simulator.  Use your compound bow to hit targets at varying distances.
paintball scramble
hunted forever game
paintball scramble
This paintball game is just like the real thing! Navigate through the woods and shoot your enemies before they get you. Capture the flag to move on to more difficult levels.
hunted forever
This time, you’re the prey and it’s a battle of life & death as you navigate your way through tunnels, mazes, and caves, in an attempt to outrun the hunter who’s trying to kill you.

Welcome to MyHuntingGames.com, the premier site for free hunting games online.   It’s been many years in the making, but we’ve managed to collect over 40 of the most popular shooting & hunting games on the internet for you to enjoy the entire year.  If you’re like us, you can’t wait for the hunting seasons to open at the beginning of fall.  That means we all spend the rest of the year waiting to hunt deer, elk, turkey, buffalo or whatever other game you hunt in your area.  That’s where MHG comes into play.  Because we have virtual hunting simulations for nearly every possible hunting scenario, you can practice many of your skills during the off season.  This will not only keep you sharp and ready when the real hunting season arrives, but at least you get your hunting fix during the off season.  If you’re a new hunter, this gives you valuable knowledge about the sport, and you can train in the comfort of your own home.