Hunting Game Tips

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Let’s face it, hunting games are fun, but they’re not nearly as exciting as the real thing. For hunters, there’s nothing quite like being in the great outdoors, in your deer blind, waiting for that large trophy buck to appear. There’s a certain mystique that comes with being alone in the woods in the fall season, with the breeze blowing and just knowing that you’re going to bag a great buck. Unfortunately, us hunters have jobs and responsibilities like the rest of the world. This can make getting out to hunt difficult at times, but there’s hope yet. Playing hunting games online, while not a perfect substitute for the real thing, is a great way to get a little hunting excitement, and work on some of your valued hunting skills at the same time.

The great thing is that there is a huge variety of different hunting games that are available now. With the popularity of gaming consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation 3, the graphics and game play are extremely realistic and many of these hunting games come with simulated rifles and scopes, so you get an even more intense feeling of really being out on a hunt. The downside is that these gaming consoles can get a bit pricey, upwards of $300 in some cases, but there’s an alternative to this as well. You won’t believe how many free hunting game sites there are online. Many featuring high quality games like Big Buck Hunter, Deer Hunter, Turkey Hunter and many more. Generally you’re going to find some other low quality hunting games as well, but if you dig through some of the junk, you will find a nice selection of realistic hunting simulators that allow you to choose the type of animal you wish to hunt, as well as gear, hunting locations, weather conditions and more.

The great thing about these games is that you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home or office and get a little hunting practice in, even though you can’t make it out for some real hunting action. Don’t forget that playing hunting games online is considerably cheaper, and you don’t have all the gear to prepare and there’s no cleanup after a kill either. All great things to consider.

So the next question is, how do I find all of these great hunting games online? It’s pretty darn easy actually. Simply open your browser and load your favorite search engine. I prefer Google as it tends to provide the highest quality results, and since we want high quality hunting game sites, Google will be your best choice. Then simply type in Hunting Games, Free Hunting Games or Online Hunting Games. Any of these search queries is going to produce a list of good hunting game sites. Generally any of the top 5 results will give you a good selection of games to choose. One thing to be aware of however, some of these sites may indicate that you can play the hunting games directly in your browser, however when you click on the link to the game, you may get a pop up message asking you to download and install a game file. I highly recommend you don’t do this. You never know what could be on that file and instead of downloading a fun hunting game, you might just be downloading a fun and nasty virus that wipes out your entire computer. Just stick with the sites that let you play the game in your browser and you’ll be fine.

I hope this tutorial will help you find a new appreciation for hunting games and help you find some of the better ones that are available for you to play. Happy hunting.