Forest Hunting

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Forest Hunting – Test Your Hunting Skills in the Forest

Mad about hunting games? Well, here is a lot for you to explore. The popularity and fame of hunting games had made them easily accessible in a number of websites and that too free of cost. The hunting game generally follows chase and shoot policies. Most of them come in the form of shooting games where either a number of birds or rabbits and deer are to be shot. They are easy to play and require absolutely no effort. Forest hunting is a very popular hunting game and it falls into the most played category. This game is known for its simplicity. The hunter would have to hunt a number of bugs and insects along with some birds. These organisms have somehow mutated in the forest and multiplied in large numbers. This has made the forest a dangerous place. What the player has to do is to play the role of an exterminator.

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Difficulty : Easy 12987 plays 3 Likes 8
  • Use the arrow keys to move the background
  • Place the crosshairs on the animal you want to shoot
  • Use the left mouse button to shoot



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    game is not fun.

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    I hate this game it is so lame.

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    school work is better

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