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DoDo Hunter

DoDo Hunter – The Exclusive Gaming Experience

Great fan of hunting games? A vast range of games is here to win your heart. Those passionate for hunting games would surely benefit from a quick view of the site. Apart from hunting games like shark hunting, rabbit hunting, turkey shoot, DoDo Hunter also hits the list of popularity. DoDo Hunter though a simple online hunting game, requires proper eye coordination for complete focus. The game consists of four levels of difficulties to be overcome by the players. But the success has everything to do with eye coordination, concentration and focus. The first level would show more than two birds at a time. However, the number of birds would gradually increase with every passing level. One confident of facing tougher challenge is welcome to try level three and four which would bring multiple birds across the screen. However, beginners can satisfy themselves with level one. The mouse is to be used to aim the dodos with crosshairs. Once done with the aim the left button of mouse is to be clicked to enable a fire shot. The shots are to be used sparingly to avoid running out. Focus and attention forms the winning mantra of this game.  Have fun!

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