Buffalo Hunter

Blast the Stampede of Buffalo

You’re the owner of a Buffalo Ranch, but the buffalo have gotten out of control. They’ve began a stampede and they’re headed right for you. The only way to save yourself and your family is to kill as many of the buffalo as possible before they run your rear end over and kill your wife and kids. When you begin this hunting game, the buffalo will start moving side to side and down toward your shooting position. You need to quickly move side to side and shoot the buffalo with your 12 gauge shotgun. Make sure you kill all of them in the first rows fast because those are the ones closes to you and they’ll get you first. As you progress through the levels, more buffalo’s are stampeding and they start out much closer to you. Shoot the big buffalo that runs across the top for extra points. Have fun and try not to die.


  1. stop haten on my hood rat games especially cholos i dont care how i spelled dat

  2. I was on level seven but had to leave. THESE BUFFALO AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON ME!!!! I didn’t even lose a life I’m that good.

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