Beast Hunter

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Beast Hunter – A challenge of skill & wits.

Want to be crowned as the best hunter of the year, but don’t have an opportunity to attain that title? Now there is one. It forms an exclusively well known game amongst other hunting games. What is more fascinating about this game is that the game has a fairy tale associated to it. In fact it is this tale that commences the act of hunting. Being based on a fairy tale these are perfect or rather attractive to children. The background of the story is set on the village, Krondria. The village is said to house a number of beasts of various sizes and varieties. They range from rats to big ogres. The heroes of the village have been sent on a mission to free the village of beasts. The player would have to play the role of the leader in the game.

Beast Hunter, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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Instead of the usual arrow keys the alphabet keys can be used as arrow keys here. S denotes upward movement, X downward movement, C rightward movement and Z leftward movement. The mouse has to be used for aiming while the left click enables the shooting. A hold down on the left key of the mouse would ensure rapid fire. The hit points can be upgraded along with arrow damage after each mission with the help of the collection of gold rewarded. The motto of the player would be to hit the monsters until he or she reaches the end of the map with a gradual progression towards the right side of the screen.



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    beast hunter
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