Balloon Hunter

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Balloon Hunter – Not your typical free hunting game

Balloon Hunter is widely regarded by its players as one of the most relaxing games on internet. People who love arcade games like bubble shooting, would love the concept of balloon hunter. The game is divided into two categories – Practice and Tournament. You can start with the practice and after gaining expertise, move on to the tournament, where you get to post your scores. Balloon Hunter, is similar to most hunting games found online. You need to be quick and focused with this game. The background can be changed depending on your mood. Like all hunting games, you will be able to view the speed of the wind at the top right part of the screen. You need to plan your shot based on the speed. The practice game has no time limit, which means you can keep on playing the game in between your work, when feeling bored.

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  • For increasing or decreasing angles, use the right or left arrow keys
  • For gaining power and releasing the arrow, hold your spacebar.
  • The higher you aim and shoot the balloons, the more you score.
  • Hold the space bar, gain power, fix the angle with the right or left arrow and shoot with the up arrow on your keyboard.
  • You also have the option of choosing the mouse as control, instead of your keyboard. Go to main menu – options – change control style to Mouse.
  • Left click on the mouse to gain power and release the arrow by the second left click.



  1. Chris Guynn January 29, 2012 at 11:42 pm - Reply

    I love this game, and the music is cool too.

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